The work permit is issued by the voivode, competent at the location or place of residence of the entity entrusting the work, or at the place of residence of the entity to which the foreigner is delegated to perform the work.

Work permit for a period of 1-3 years – How to get?

What we need:

  • determine the conditions of work with a foreigner (position or type of work performed by a foreigner, the lowest salary that a foreigner may receive in a given position, working time or the number of working hours per week or month, type of contract being the basis for performing work and the period of validity of the permit)
  • send us a power of attorney
  • declaration of no criminal record of the employer
  • scans of all completed pages of the foreigner’s valid travel document
  • information from the staroste (if required for a given position)
  • confirmation of compliance with the requirements indicated in the information provided by the staroste